Learning Excel

There are many skills that I want to learn, develop, and be proficient in. For now, I decided to learn how to use excel. In my Freshman computer class in high school, I learned relatively how to use it. I could make columns and rows, but I don’t actually know how to use it in depth. As a Sophomore in college, I think it’s time to do just that. Excel is one of the most useful skills you can possess in the business world just like Word.

To learn Excel, I will be researching tutorials and various articles to learn how to use Excel. Free video tutorials will be the best way for me to teach myself so I can watch and do as the tutorial instructs without having to pay. Learning Excel will be a valuable skill I can put on my resume for prospective employers to see. This is a skill that can help set me apart from other candidates when I apply for a job or internship.

To me, learning Excel is a little daunting. However, I am confident that in doing research and seeking out the most instructive resources, I can be proficient in Excel at the end of these eight weeks.


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