What is the Maker Movement?


Hey everyone! Today, I am writing with Jael and we will be discussing our favorite “Making” websites and terminology that are critical to understanding just what the “Maker Movement” is. Mark Hatch, CEO and co-founder of Tech Shop wrote,

“Making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create, and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. The things we make are like little pieces of us and seem to embody portions of our soul.”

In his revolutionary words, Mark captures the essence of what making really means. He believes that making is intrinsic in who we are as people, we were born to make. The idea is to make, anything, whatever comes to mind whether you’ve done it before or not. In a sense making will fill a void, no matter the size of impact, what is important is that the effort was made and it became tangible. You can find more of Hatch’s ideas inside of the Maker Manifesto in which he lays out everything you need to know about The Maker Movement.

Recently, a huge trend that has erupted in maker culture is “DIY”, meaning to do it yourself. One major corner in our tech world where you can see this DIY culture is on the site Pintrest. Here you’ll find articles and links to projects that you can create yourself and even create post of your own.  You’ll find anything from bedframes to go karts by simply searching for any keywords. Although the act of creation may sometimes sound like an individual activity, it is more often a journey of discovery that one undergoes with their community. Pintrest allows people from all over to connect to a network of creative thinkers, do-ers, and makers.  Another great website is Etsy where you can find many maker ideas and projects to start off with. Where they brainstorm ideas, share their creations, and participate in a community that is ever evolving.

Creating something that started as a thought, turned to an idea on your screen eventually becoming tangible is all a part of the exciting process of making. Critical making is a term used to describe critical thinking but with your hands as a material subject. Instead of conceptual thinking it is a way to think physically with emphasis on introducing hands. All over the world public spaces are popping up to help makers transform their visions into reality. These makerspaces are becoming more and more abundant as the desire to learn and create is realized by more and more people. Makerspaces even come equipped with tools for the makers to use in order to produce their work. Tools such as 3D printers where you can take ideas and make them physical. You can learn about things such as 3D Printing or Wood Working by doing a simple search online because the maker movement is prideful about sharing and interpreting these ideas. The best thing about these makerspaces is that they give people who might have never anticipated they would be creating something the opportunity to develop an idea into something palpable. These creations can be shared among other makers at events known as MakerFaires where people come together to admire one another’s work, exchange ideas, and support the maker movement.

There are many great websites for anyone to check out who is interested in making things, but the following make up our top five list. The first website is Makezine. This site is our favorite! It is great for makers who are new to the community. It gives you the option to explore new projects, check out guides for all different forms of making like 3D printing, and even purchase creations other makers have made. Another great website is Makerfaire which gives you all the information about potentially attending a Makerfaire; you can purchase tickets through this site. Another website definitely worth checking out is DIY. This website is great because you can explore new projects through different skills categories. For people who are interested in woodworking, Popular Woodworking Magazine is fantastic for people to learn more about woodworking, develop their skills by watching videos, and there is even an option to take woodworking workshops. For anyone who is interested in making with technology, How-To Geek is great for learning with tutorials and for reading articles to explore new ways to create and make technology.Check out these great websites and you’ll be brainstorming a million different ideas at once. 

So, have fun making everyone and remember the possibilities of creation are endless!


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